Elevator Integrated Controller

Elevator Integrated Controller combines elevator and motor control units in a single package. It's more efficient and cost effective.

Release Date May. 2019 Nov. 2019
Elevator Type Electric
User Interface On-Board LCD and Keypad On-Board LCD and Keypad, Hand-Held Keypad
Rated Power 7.5 kW 7.5 ~ 22 kW
Utility Power Single, Two, Three Phases
Input Voltage 110VAC (Single-Phase) ~ 480 VAC (Three-Phase)
Voltage Fluctuation ± 10%
Frequency Fluctuation ± 5%
Output Current 18A
Overload 150% (60 sec)
Motor Types Geared and Gearless
Elevator Speed Up to 1.6 m/s Up to 4 m/s
Number of Stops 8 Stops 64 Stops
Simplex/Duplex Yes
Group Working Up to 8 Elevators
Serial Communication With Cabin With Floor and Cabin
Encoder Incremental, SIN/COS, Absolute (EnDat, SSI, BISS)
Traffic Control Selective-Collective, Full-Collective, Up-Collective, Down-Collective
Direct Approach Yes
Advanced Door Open Yes
Contactorless Operation Yes
Standards EN 81-20, EN81-50 EN 12015, EN 12016 IEC 61508 (SIL3) IEC 61800 (Drive)